Commercial supplier of European plywood


Commercial supplier of European birch plywood direct to industry in pack volumes We offer the widest range of birch poplar pine spruce  plywood panels, glued laminated timber according to the client's dimensions and components from Europe and Russia

In some countries where plywood manufacturing is developed, plywood used to make furniture is less than 20% of total production, the remaining 60% is used in the construction industry, and 20% is used in packaging, vehicle and ship manufacturing. They are good at developing plywood varieties according to different needs. After special processing and modification treatment, the plywood maintains its original superior performance, and makes a certain feature more prominent, and has a special purpose. This way you can choose the plywood that suits you.

Birch throughout plywood is made from only Birch veneers of the same thickness, glued and laid up in alternating directions to the required thickness. It thus provides a superbly consistent strong panel with known engineering characteristics. At the same time the aesthetically pleasing, fine tight grain of the BB face is suitable for all types of surface finish ( or none ) as required

Commercial plywood

Black  Film Faced Plywood is characterized by its good resistance to water, fire, wear, and ultraviolet (UV). It is perfect for use for construction and concrete formwork. This plywood is available in different thickness (such as 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm) to suit your specific requirements

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Phenolic  plywood

 Plywood Thickness
0.8mm  1.2mm  1.5mm  3mm  4mm  6mm  6.5mm  9mm  12mm  15mm   18mm  21mm  24mm  27mm  30mm  35mm  40mm  45mm  50mm

Panel Sizes
Metric: 1220 x 2440  -  1220 x 2745  -  1220 x 3050  -  1220 x 3660
Imperial:  4ft x 8ft  -  4ft x 9ft  -  4ft x 10ft  -  4ft x 12ft
Metric: 1525 x 2440  -  1525 x 2745  -  1525 x 3050  -  1525 x 3660
Imperial: 5ft x 8ft  -  5ft x 9ft  -  5ft x 10ft  -  5ft x 12ft
Large Press: 2150 x 3340  -  2150 x 3850

wholesale commercial plywood
glued laminated timber

Glued Laminated Wood (Glulam) is a structural material manufactured through the union of individual wood segments. When glued with industrial adhesives (usually Melamine or Polyurethane resin adhesives), this type of wood is highly durable and moisture resistant, capable of generating large pieces and unique shapes

glued laminated timber

One of the most common methods of cladding buildings is through the use of timber softwoods, such as Siberian Larch and western red cedar . This type of wood is relatively knot-free and has a natural resistance to decay and moisture. It can be readily stained or painted and altered to create a range of profiles

tongue and groove cladding panels

Cladding Siberian larch,  pine spruce.

tongue and groove cladding panels